State Director
Terry Brandfass
Terry comes from a diverse background. She grew up in the restaurant and hotel business in southwestern Pennsylvania, and after graduating from Kent State University, she started buying, renovating and selling real estate. In 1978, she and her husband, Lee, put their entrepreneurial skills to work in the barter industry. In 1980, they purchased a barter franchise, and have spent the past 37+ years working with business owners to help improve their cash flow using an alternative commerce. Terry was also the founder of Trade Management Consulting, Inc. in 1989 offering both barter consulting and corporate barter assistance. Terry, and her husband Lee, moved to Arizona 38 years ago, and raised their two children starting out in Tucson, and subsequently moving to Phoenix to expand their barter operation. Terry’s dream over the past 37+ years, was to create a financial package that would aid small businesses to grow, as well as enhance local business communities. Today, that dream is a reality! In February 2014 Terry moved to Las Vegas and joined forces with Frank Dobrucki to create a group of financial service platforms designed to increase the customer base for small businesses; and in turn helping to build a stronger local business community. They are proud to offer MainStreetChamber, the MasterCard CashBack Program, BXI Trade Exchange, Inc., HERO$CARD WorldWide, Inc. and the HERO$CARD WorldWide’s cutting edge loyalty platform was conceived from years of Terry’s continuous complaining that she could not understand why she had to have so many loyalty cards in her wallet and purse. Why hadn’t anyone created one universal card that could be used with various merchants across the nation and around the world to enable consumers to receive discounts and/or rebates at point of sale? From this one continuous complaint, a dream was born. Three years ago, both Terry and Lee agreed that the economy was not going to take a turn for the best anytime soon, so they decided that they wanted to develop an additional way to help generate new business to all of the tens of thousands of merchant that they have been working with around the globe since 1978, while benefiting consumers and helping local community charitable and worthwhile causes. In addition to HERO$CARD, Terry is getting ready to launch, a shopping platform for merchants and entrepreneurs that are looking for a solid click and mortar platform. Terry is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades from her peers in the barter industry, and from working with various charitable organizations. She served as a board member multiple terms for the International Reciprocal Trade Association, and participated in numerous committees.
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